DevRel mentorship program designed to charge you into DevRel in 3 months

Get equipped with knowledge and information that will propel you into a fulfilling Developer Advocacy career. We'll be working with industry experts and real world scenarios to prepare you for the job you've always wanted!


Developer Relations in Practice

Different companies approach Developer Relations in different ways. I intend to take a general approach and train you for all possible strategies employed in the industry today. Combining my experience from different companies and the knowledge I've gained working in the industry for 5 years, we can create a unique experience that prepares you for everything.

Developer Experience Engineering

You'll learn the fundamentals of Developer Experience Engineering, including how to build internal developer tools, make OSS contributions, and work together with Engineering to build developer-friendly products.

Open source contributions

Demonstrative projects

Code reviews

Communication and feedback

Internal feature development

Community and Education

You'll learn how to build and grow a community around a product, brand or service. You'll also learn how to create educational resources and deliver value for the benefit of your community.

Community building

Conferences and events

Content creation


Documentation and Technical writing

We'll cover the fundamentals of technical writing and documentation, including how to write good product documentation, how to write for different audiences, and how to create resources that are easy to understand and use.


Technical writing

Tones and fluency

Conversion and happy paths

User experience

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Past mentees

Developer Relations Manager at Deci AI

I like the structure of the program and the topics covered. It provides an all around perspective of what it takes to be a great DevRel professional.

Dev Advocate

I think it is an excellent way to connect with individuals across different areas of specialization and learn practices you are unaware of in DevRel.

Gloria Asuquo
Gloria Asuquo
Dev Advocate

It was quite the best way to start my journey as a developer advocate. I gained knowledge, relationships and experience.

Damilola Ezekiel
Damilola Ezekiel
Developer Advocate

I'd totally recommend this program for anyone looking to get into the DevRel space. I learnt a lot during this program and I was able to work on projects that I would not have attempted.



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